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Consolidation Service

If you have decided to use air freight consolidation to transport your cargo, let Yuvraj Supply Chain Services facilitate the move. Our experienced freight forwarding team applies their attention to detail to every shipment, ensuring that it arrives on time and in excellent condition. We also negotiate competitive rates through our large network of freight forwarders, making it as cost-effective as possible for you to transport your goods using air consolidation.

Air cargo consolidation is the practice of combining lots from multiple consignees into one shipment (i.e. your cargo will share space with other shippers’ cargo on an aircraft). All shipments will be listed under the same master way bill, but each individual shipment will also have a house way bill to help keep the cargo organized. This freight forwarding method is ideal for anyone who does not have a large enough order to fill a plane on their own and wants to save on the cost of shipping.

One downside of the consolidated shipping approach is that shippers will have to wait until a plane has enough cargo to make up a full load. Air consolidations are most commonly booked for the weekend, but midweek consolidations are also sometimes available. For those who have an urgent shipment that needs to get to its destination on a tight deadline, Yuvraj Supply Chain Services also offers air cargo charter services

Benefits of Air Freight Consolidation

Efficiency - Consolidated shipping makes sense to both shippers and airlines, as it is more cost-effective to fly a plane with a full cargo load than to fly one with only a partial load.

Lower Cost - Because freight consolidation is more effective than charter services, it is also less expensive. If you decide to ship your goods by air, this is the most affordable way to do it

Fast Mode - While more expensive than sharing a shipping container on a cargo ship, cargo consolidation is also substantially faster than shipping your goods by ocean. If you need to have a relatively quick turnaround from the time you place an order to the time your shipment arrives at its destination, you should opt to transport your cargo by air.

When we see your repack request, we retrieve your packages and double-check that we have the correct ones. All outside boxes are removed, we only keep the retail packaging. That might significantly lower the postage (package becomes smaller and lighter). After this, we put the goods in a box that is as small as possible. All Packages are tagged and prepared for shipment. We make it easy. Shipping Consolidations Services companies are becoming more in demand used by small and large companies to ship packages internationally. Reduce your local delivery costs dramatically with our freight consolidation services. Because many of our consumer goods customers ship to the same retailer distribution centers, we can combine your freight with other companies to deliver to the same consignees in full truckload shipments. You pay only for the portion of the load your product represents. In addition to trucking consolidation, our freight services allow for consolidated air freight and ocean freight. When shipping internationally, you can avoid higher costs associated with air and ocean transportation by combining your freight with other shipments. The best solution for foreign moves, let us handle all the complicated logistics associated with international freight.

Yuvraj Supply Chain Services has their best Consolidations services from Europe, China, USA, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea and Japan to name few.

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